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The Dark Seed is planted.

“There was a dark, threatening cloud hanging over me. I was on a train hurtling in a direction that I did not want to go. I needed to change pace, alter the trajectory. I needed to slow down, park for a while and choose a new path. I knew that to accomplish this I would need to do the most unexpected and crazy thing and I would also have to take the biggest risk of my life. But sometimes, to get yourself off the road to nowhere and onto the road to somewhere, you need to be a little more than brave. When chasing a dream that leads you into darkness before it shows you the light, you have to close your eyes and just jump in, feet first, hoping for the best. I thought that the journey into the dark would be so tough that it would be a natural catalyst for change. Instead, what I found was that the journey back to the light would be more grueling, painful and punishing and that the true catalyst was finding the ability to hold on tight and not fall into the abyss.” – Lily Reed, Author

Dark Seed

This book is for all who have been pushed off course. For anyone who is clinging onto the cliff, looking down at the abyss and wondering how to get out.

This is the most compelling, real life story of the horrific rape and subsequent healing of the human spirit. This book will take you on a journey of adventure, courage and insight into a very private world often ignored and swept under the carpet. The author seamlessly weaves the story of her life with heart-wrenching honesty, humour and raw emotion.


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A truly African theme runs through the entire novel, with local phrases and vivid descriptions of her travels through this mesmerizing continent. You will feel like to you have travelled with her and endured this roller coaster right by her side.


A non-fiction true-life drama that will have you riveted to your seat and leave you breathless from the first page to the last.


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Lily Reed


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