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Where’s XNA?

We at Xavier Nagel Agencies apologize for any inconvenience caused during the recent relocation of our office. Our phonemoving line should be transferred next week, but is currently being directed through Bibliophilia Book Shop. If you have any queries or concerns please email Xavier ( or myself (


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Ons Camino reviewed!

The incredible boOns Caminook ‘Ons Camino’ written by Pienkes du Plessis has been reviewed in the latest issue of Sarie and he has been interviewed by Weg!


Click on the links below to read the article and interview and do yourself a favor…buy a copy of the book TODAY.

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Shut your trap and listen.

The immensely talented Christine Weir, author of Shut your trap and sing! was on Cape Talk radio yesterday. Click the link below to hear the interview and don’t forget to get your copy of the book TODAY!



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Florence and Watson and the sugarbush mouse-Trilingual edition!!

Something new has hit the shelves (no it’s not a lost pigeon struggling to find the open window), it’s the latest offering from Rob Van Vuuren, Danielle Bischoff and Lauren Fowler!


Florence and Watson and the sugarbush mouse is a whimsical South African story told (in English, Afrikaans and IsiXhosa) by Florence and Watson, two honey badgers who use rhythm and rhyme to tell the story of Petal – the sugarbush mouse who saves her village with her unique talents. The little striped mouse undergoes a transformative journey, discovering her hidden talent that is set to save Sugarbush Mountain and the Proteas that grow there. This is a story filled with magic and laughter and is the ultimate must read for families everywhere.

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The zombie apocalypse is nigh

We at Xavier Nagel Agencies are very proud to announce that we are fully prepared for the zombie apocalypse! We are not only reading the amazing self help books penned by Lee Herrmann, but we are also distributing them and thus ensuring that as many people as possible know what to do and who to eat.


Zombie Journal

If you need to know what to do while stuck watching your friends prepare the afternoon braai without meat in sight, or if you want to know if Zombie green is in this season or you’re wondering if you still need to wait 12 hours at Home Affairs for your unabridged birth certificate (when you are technically dead), then The South African zombie apocalypse survival guide is a must read.






Self Help

Journal of a South African zombie apocalypse is an intriguing journal written by a sixteen year old which is recovered five years after the apocalypse. A father and his two sons leave the comfort of their home in Pretoria seeking sanctuary away from raiders, religious zealots and zombies. They travel across the country towards Robben Island and in their quest they befriend fellow survivors who encourage them to face this brave new apocalyptic world. Will this family survive against the largest battle known to man….a fight against the walking dead?






Let’s not forget Zombie ZA which is an essential guide on how to act undead in South Africa. This book is filled with tips on how to appear normal; which includes how to avoid having to eat cooked food, how to brush off odd questions and provides support to those eagerly waiting for the apocalypse. This guide helps you to gently break the news to your family and is crucial to your suburban survival.






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XNA is back from outer space (not really)

We at Xavier Nagel Agencies have left the comfort of sand between our toes, the warmth of the sun on our faces and the smell of fresh sea air and…. returned to reality. We are back in the office and eager to see what 2017 has in store for us!

We hope our customers have had a relaxed and fulfilling festive season and look forward to serving you again this year.


Back to work


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The zombies have landed!!



You’re alive. Then you’re dead. Then alive again…? 
Being a zombie in modern day South Africa comes with its own set of problems. How do you act at a braai? How do you tell your family?

Zombie ZA is your guide to coping with being undead in SA, while biding your time until that pesky Apocalypse catches up with you. Stuffed with tips for the recently reanimated and tricks for the undead, we help you to hide in plain sight without anyone noticing that you’re dying to take a bite out of them!

Let the Apocalypse begin!

All in an easy-to-understand volume for the living impaired!


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The Prunings launch!

The long awaited launch of Prunings by Helen Moffett is tacking place this week!

downloadThursday 10 November 2016
David Krut Projects Cape Town
Montebello Design Centre, Newlands, Cape Town

uHlanga and David Krut Projects invite you to an evening of poetry and art in Newlands, featuring a reading from our latest published poet, Helen Moffett, and a very special guest, the performance poet Shirmoney Rhode.

David Krut Projects will be selling Helen’s collection, ‘Prunings’, Shirmoney’s collection, Nomme 20 Delphi Straat (published by Modjaji Books) well as other uHlanga collections.

Free entry and delicious sponsored wine from Zandvliet!


Visit: Continue reading The Prunings launch!