101 Questions and answers for teenagers


Author: Various

Published: 2014

ISBN:  9780992221997

Format: Portrait; 290mm x 200mm; Paperback

Pages: 64 with colour photos and images

Category: Psychology


There is surely no other time in life with so many doubts, fears and the spread of misconceptions as adolescence, for boys as well as girls. And no wonder, because all the changes that occur during this stage affect every aspect of the person.


In these pages you will find the answers to 101 questions and situations that you will be faced at this time. We have grouped them into different sections to help clear up many of your doubts and fears.


In the first section we include matters that affect the emotions, feelings, thoughts and fears typical of this age – from those inexplicable mood swings to the uncertainty about your future and the potential conflicts in the relationship with your parents.


In the second section we address issues relating to the various beliefs, myths and

questions that arise around the changes in your body.


Among the questions dedicated to hygiene and physical appearance you will find practical and everyday topics such as the use of deodorant, the treatment of acne, the advantages and disadvantages of using hair dye and the most suitable or appropriate clothes to wear.


We have a whole section dedicated to issues relating to health, in which you will find, among others, the reasons why tobacco is so harmful; the best foods for this time; sleeping patterns you should follow and the main changes that may occur in your body during this time.


On the issue of friendships and social environment, we offer solutions to the conflicts that often arise (taking into account that all your friends are also subjected to the same merry-go-round of changes that you are). We look at the ever complicated relationships between boys and girls, the most harmful leisure habits, the risks of the night, the use and abuse of new technologies and misconceptions about drugs and alcohol.


Under the heading “First Relationships” we have gathered aspects relating to the emotions that arise during the first sexual contact with another person; the fear of rejection; the keys to physical attraction and the best way to ward off blushing. Also intercourse, orgasm, eroticism, sexuality . . .


To go even deeper into the need to keep sexual relationships safe and responsible, we have a section, “The Risks of Sex”, where we discuss the most obvious doubts and issues that are so hard to share with your parents – all the possible “dangers” involved in sexual activity.


Finally, in the last part, you will find what lies behind many of the myths and legends surrounding the much idealized subject: “The First Time”.


The goal? That none of your concerns will go unanswered.