Apartheid – Britain’s bastard child


AUTHOR Helene Opperman Lewis

ISBN 9780620702232


FORMAT Portrait; 240mm x 168mm; Paperback


CATEGORY History/Psychology

This book is written as an attempt to understand what psychological factors played a dominant role and undoubtedly contributed to Afrikaners creating apartheid in 1948 – a fatal choice of radical and humiliating race segregation. The book follows their tracks from 1795 to 1948.

This kind of psychological approach in the study of a nation’s history is called psychohistory. It is also presented within the realm of the author’s own response to the material as she uncovered the layers of humiliation and trauma to her people. Care has been taken to source factual content from a wide range of respected historical sources.

“What cannot be contained, mourned, and worked through in one generation is transmitted, for the most part unconsciously, as affect, mission, and task to the next generation… the fate of repression and dissociation is enactment” – Howard Stein, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus: University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

“The evolution of the individual’s moral consciousness depends on his/her capacity to sympathize with the pain of the other. But one can’t sympathize when one has to wall off one’s own pain. To the extent that one is helped to contain rather than split off one’s own pain, one is more able to sympathetically identify with the pain of others, that is, one is helped to evolve one’s moral consciousness.” – Donald L Carveth, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Social and Political Thought, York University.

May this book reveal and heal.


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