Cash in, Cash Out


AUTHOR Hannes van Rensburg

ISBN 978-0620690355


FORMAT Portrait; 235mm x 152mm; Paperback



From Kinshasha to Karachi and India to Iraq, from remote rural villages to the bright lights of some of the world’s slickest conferences, from beers overlooking the Lusaka Inter-Continental’s unlikely crocodile-stocked Koi pond to pre-dawn single-malts with Mark Shuttleworth high in the Swiss Alps, Cash in, Cash Out tracks the stellar growth of one of Africa’s most successful tech start-ups, culminating in its 2011 acquisition by financial services giant Visa Inc.

While it shares a wealth of knowledge for the entrepreneur, it is, first and foremost, a uniquely humanising, compelling and inspiring story about perserverance in the face of mighty personal and professional odds.

Hannes van Rensburg, the founder of Fundamo is often seen as the father of mobile payments. Voted as one of the hundred most influential people in telecommunication three years in a row, he has lived through the initial years of the creation of the mobile banking industry. Not only as founder and CEO of Fundamo, but also playing an active role in industry bodies, he played an important role in growing the industry. He is a popular speaker on technology innovation, the challenges of starting a new company and motivating small teams. He has been the key note speaker at a number of conferences on the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.

He is passionate about creating a better world for millions of people in emerging markets, especially using technology and has travelled widely in Africa and Asia. In the process he has made many friends and learned to respect and embrace the diversity of people and cultures.