Finding My Own Way to Happy and Gay


Author: Barbara Castle-Farmer

Format: Paperback

Language: English 

Pages: 240

As South Africa grew into democracy, the author grew into wholeness. But it wasn’t all sliding along on buttered feet. There was angst and anguish along the way, battles won, hopes lost and many dodgy landings. The challenges she met in the 60s are still those faced by gay people today… how to tell their folks, when to ‘confess’ to their friends, what to tell their folks, what to tell their employers, and more. Should you be lucky enough to have a friend, a child, a brother, an aunt or a colleague who is gay, the book answers many questions you might never dare ask.

And if you are already out and perfectly happy, then you may find that this is ‘your’ story. And you’ll have a good laugh remembering all the pitfalls and pratfalls you experienced along the way.

Although the book is set in South Africa, the coming out process poses the same hurdles, obstacles and crises no matter where you live. It’s a case of ‘same circus, different tent’ and in spite of all the available reading it’s no easier coming out today than it was last century.