Five Lives At Noon



Brent Meersman is a South African writer well-known for his contributions to the Mail & G uardian. This is his third novel. His previous two novels, Primary Colours and Reports Before Daybreak, were well-received and sold well. His poetry collection, Ophila and the Poet, was published in 2010.


A young white man and a young black woman return from exile in London; a human rights lawyer searches for a missing comrade and his own redemption; and an ex-South African Defence Force soldier descends into the carnage of the civil war in KwaZulu-Natal. Their lives will be set on an inevitable, but unexpected, collision course. From the release of Nelson Mandela in 1990 to the day of the first democratic election in 1994, Five Lives at Noon ventures into the crucible in which the new South Africa was forged. As South Africa marks 20 years since the advent of democracy, these five lives uncover the price paid for that political settlement.

AUTHOR Brent Meersman
ISBN 978-0-9922060-1-7
Publishing date 2013
Format Paperback; 145mm x 222mm (Portrait)
Pages 320

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