Garage Band


AUTHOR Adam Rabinowitz

ISBN 9780620706063


FORMAT Portrait; 210mm x 145mm; Paperback




Lanthus Trilby lived an ordinary life, in an ordinary house with an ordinary family. Well, perhaps not so ordinary considering he was married to Felicity, but that’s not the point. He worked an ordinary job at a big insurance company. But all that changed when Lanthus was retrenched without warning. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Hell hadn’t met Lanthus Trilby.

One night in a bar after a lot of alcohol, determined on getting even with the company he had served loyally for seventeen years, Lanthus hatches a grand plan for revenge.

Lanthus Trilby transforms from the grey, invisible actuary to a criminal mastermind as he plots an event that will cripple his former employer.

He assembles an unlikely team of skilled experts to pull off the most daring hostage situation the world has ever seen to hold his former employer to ransom. But can he stay one step ahead of the relentless Detective Muller and the entire police force in his single minded quest for revenge?

Garage Band is a witty, light hearted comedy suspense that keeps you in stitches while you balance on the edge of your seat.