Author: Habib Noorbhai

Published: 2017

ISBN:  9780620779395

Format: Portrait; 220mm x 150mm; Paperback

Pages: 220

Category: Autobiography


“The aim of my book is to share and inspire people through my life journey prior to and after Mr South Africa. It showcases the important lessons that I have learnt, together with the fundamental experiences gained as well as the challenges and hard yards that I have faced. At the age of 29, this is not a biography. Rather, a foundation of what’s to come.


When crowned as Mr South Africa, I was also crowned as Mr Heart, because of all the charity projects and initiatives conducted as a contestant. During my current reign as Mr South Africa, I have embarked on a campaign called 365 days of Heart, where I conduct various types of charity work, outreach or social media posts to inspire and provide aspiration to society. The book will include #365heart themes as footnotes and headers on each page. I aim to provide quality reading material that readers can assimilate to and understand. Readers also have the opportunity to use the book as a diary to conduct acts of heart or random acts of kindness while reading updated stories of my life (1988 – 2017).


At the back of the book, there is a glossary of 365 days of heart themes with tick boxes, where readers can then tick which theme they have completed.”