Author: Peter Kuhnert

Published: 2017

ISBN:  9780996281294

Format: Portrait; 210mm x 140mm; Paperback

Pages: 253

Category: Fiction


HORN is the fast-paced story of the rhino poaching scourge in Kruger National Park. Vietnam syndicates are enticing the impoverished African locals to risk their lives for a few dollars, while they make millions. The South African government appoints Eduardo Ruiz to head the Kruger anti-poaching unit. The rhino holds a powerful lure for the anti-poaching patrol, a London journalist, a Hong Kong society lady, a syndicate boss, and an Interpol agent who are all chasing the horn; on the living beast or as a powdered placebo.


PETER KUHNERT immigrated with his family to Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1957. He later became a citizen. His love of Africa and the immensity of the bushveld was kindled when Professor Phillip Tobias invited Peter to join him on a Bushman Expedition to the Kalahari in 1959. Peter was the first to introduce passive microchip technology to the country. During a darting project at Pilansberg National Park, he sponsored implantation of transponders into all of the rhinos. In 1993, Peter retired to his roots in Namibia where he stayed for ten years. He managed the Ongava Lodge and sponsored the successful return of a problem rhino, Brutalis, from the Berlin Zoo into the Namibian wild. In 1997, Peter started his own safari company. In Windhoek he met his partner, and the pair moved to Cape Town in 2003, where he continues to live and write today.

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