Jesus of Nazareth



ISBN 9780620647120


FORMAT Portrait; 210mm x 297mm; Paperback



Mary was a young girl chosen by God to carry out the prophecy “To fulfil God’s will”. One day the Angel Gabriel appeared before Mary to tell her that she would become pregnant and give birth to “God’s son Jesus”.

While Joseph was asleep the “Angel of the Lord” appreared to him in a dream and told him that it was by the Holy Spirit that she had conceived. The next morning Joseph went to Mary and told her about the dream, and decided to take Mary as his wife.

He took her to Bethlehem and when they got there, Mary gave birth to “baby Jesus”. When Jesus became a young man he was ready to the will of “God, his father”. So he went to John at the river Jordan to be baptised, and as soon as Jesus came out of the water, the heavens openend up before him and the “spirit of God came down like a dove alighting on him”.

Jesus preached to many people spreading the “Good News of God”.

Kevin Pillay had a passion for drawing from the age of seven. His favourite Disney cartoon character was Peter Pan. He used to draw this character a lot but as he got older he began drawing a great deal from photos and his artwork started to improve. He worked in a retail children’s store which led to the inspiration for many of his ideas. One day he walked into a Christian bookshop and picked up a book about Jesus. Inspired, he remembered his childhood days of drawing. So Kevin decided to use his talent and get back into drawing cartoons. He illustrated his first book about Jesus with no help or guidance. He thanks God and continues to pray to God and continues to pray to God for all his success. His first book to eight months to complete.

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