Journey of a Stickman



Journey of a Stickman follows the author’s fascinating experiences encountered while walk- ing the ancient pilgrim’s route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. History is interwoven throughout and is described in interesting and humorous details.

Islam and Christianity affected the Camino and both shaped societies in the dark ages and well beyond. Their beneficial and tragic influences on Spain and Central Europe, as well as events during antiquity and in medieval times, are outlined by the author. He talks about joy- ful, contemplative and disastrous occasions on his pilgrimage and links these with poignant memories and thoughts on life. He explores the subjects of positive living and appreciating who we really are and touches on challenging emotional experiences, religion and reincarna- tion. He envisages a blueprint that guides us to greater social awareness.

Journey of a Stickman, although written in a light-hearted way, not only informs the reader of the Camino to Santiago, it also provides details of a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

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AUTHOR Dieter Daehnke

ISBN 978-0620546195
FORMAT Portrait; 205mm x 145mm; Paperback PAGES 285

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