Lawful Living


Title: Lawful Living

Author: Owen Salmon

ISBN: 9780620752770

Published: May 2017

Format: Portrait, 210mm X 150mm, Paperback

Pages: 728

Category: Law

Price: R500


“I did not know that it was a criminal offence to resell tickets, or even use resold tickets. I bought such tickets – I recall, clearly, at the gates to Ellis Park for a Counting Crows concert in August 1999.

It occurred to me that if I – as a practising lawyer for over 30 years – did not know this then the chances are other people also do not know. I mean, whilst my career has been dedicated to a specialist field, I still interface with ‘the law’ in general, yet I did not know something so ‘every day’ as this.

Lawful Living is designed to inform, and publicise the quality of behaviour our country expects of its citizens. It’s a sort-of “citizen’s bible” – non-religious, of course”- Owen Salmon