LifeGames Corporation



ISBN 9780620627344


FORMAT Portrait; 228mm x 152mm; Paperback



Da Vinci Code-meet Paranormal Activity-meets The Matrix.

Ad-agency boss Catherine Kaplan is a danger junkie. Bold and brave, she’s cornered the juiciest prize in the global arena, a LifeGames Corporation contract. But now it’s time to pay the price – a dare to cross the forbidden line. There’s a deal sweetener-give a little… and enjoy some intriguing secrets.

The first… Artificial Intelligence runs the LifeGames operation. Key to the success is an automated hypnosis sequence that suppresses each subject’s mind, convincing them that the immersive Virtual Reality crisis they’re about to experience is reality. The training technique has been fabulously profitable, allowing company founder Kenneth Torrington to indulge his every perverse fantasy.

Governments, militaries and business are so reliant on LifeGames that it issued to control mankind’s future. Yet, nobody has realized – a door has opened and a character of unfathomable capacity and unknown motives is looking back, pondering the next move.

A monumental work. To say I enjoyed LifeGames is a vast understatement. Hugely thought provoking and crammed with irresistible fascinating concepts – from reincarnation to quantum entanglement. A plausible plot right at the edge of contemporary science.  – Peter J Earle, Author.

Smooth readability and riveting plot kept me from sleep for two nights in a row. It completely took over my mind. Perhaps the best book and author I’ve ever read. – Carel Hauptfleisch, CEO & Voracious Reader.


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