Lost Soul


AUTHOR Adam Rabinowitz

ISBN 9780620610995


FORMAT Portrait; 210mm x 148mm; Paperback




The Pure Soul holds the key to Immortality. A thousand years ago, in a small town in Italy, an aging evil sorcerer and his two apprentices hunted the Pure Soul so that he could conquer the one thing his powerful magic could not – hs own mortality. Now, a thousand years later, the Pure Soul has reappeared on the earth.

Cassandra, a university student on holiday in Italy with a group of friends, discovers that she is the Pure Soul. But the ancient evil wizard and his apprentices, their magic tranferred to their living descendants, seek to devour the Pure Soul which will make them immortal. A summer vacation suddeny becomes a terrifying relentless chase in which Cassandra must escape with her life to save the world from darkness.

“Rabinowitz has created an original, intriguing fantasy world with captivating characters and a satisfying ending”

– BlueInk

“Well-defined characters, exciting action sequences, and the always popular good-versus-evil.” – Foreword Reviews.