Matric Rage


Format: Paperback

Author: Genna Gardini

Language: English

Pages: ± 80

Publisher: uHlanga

Imprint: uHlanga New Poets

Release: October/November ‘15

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On the day we wrote our last exam, we took off to

the sea

in a convoy of our fathers’ old Mercedes, perched

along the seats’ laps like safety pins half stuck in.

Singular, but fastening.

The eagerly-anticipated debut collection from the country’s most exciting young poet and playwright, Matric Rage is Genna Gardini’s reckoning with youth and womanhood.

Gardini’s hyper-literate, heartbreaking and often deadly funny poems signal a sea change in South African poetry, where the personal is not just political, but polemical too. Ranging from sickness to sex, misogyny to manners – as well as the titular pilgrimage made by scholars to seaside resorts – Matric Rage shows the prowess and power of a young South African artist coming unapologetically into her own.

Genna Gardini, born in 1986, is one of South Africa’s most decorated young poets and playwrights. She is the winner of the 2012 DALRO/New Coin Award, and a 2013 Mail & Guardian Young South African. In 2015, she was longlisted for the Sol Plaatje/European Union Poetry Award. Born in Johannesburg and raised in Durban, Genna now lives in Cape Town, where she works as a teacher and critic.