Modern Rasputin


Author: Rosa Lyster

Format: Paperback, with flaps

ISBN: 9780620733229

Pages: 74

Publisher: uHlanga

Published: 21 November 2016



Eclectic, eccentric and eloquent, Modern Rasputin establishes Rosa Lyster as one of South Africa’s most exciting young writers.

Diving into a (not entirely made-up) world of precocious children, hand-poked tattoos, minor royalty, Russian prisons, and electrocuting water faucets, Lyster’s debut is a testament to the wild machinations of imagination and the soft poignancies of friendship and young womanhood.

With found poems and other poetic anarchies, Lyster expands traditional concepts of narrative poetry, providing one of the most unpredictable and cosmopolitan collections from South Africa in recent years.



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