The old woman and the moon


Author: Wilna van der Walt

ISBN:  9780620696012

Format: Landscape; 210mm x 260mm; Paperback; Fully colour illustrated

Pages: 112

Category: Psychology


After years of relating to the deeper images of her life, inner truth came together to tell its own story. In this book Wilna has attempted to penetrate to the essential truth of each image, each work of art, and to follow the thread of meaning as it weaves across the years in a wandering course.

Fred Borchardt, Jungian analyst, says in the Mantis Journal vol.28 nr. 1:

The old woman and the moon can be specifically recommended to those with an interest in the process of Jungian analysis, but would also be of interest to anyone curious about what it means to be human.”




Wilna van der Walt is a medical practitioner with a lifelong interest in depth psychology from a Jungian perspective. In the early 1990’s she started experimenting with creative materials as a means of support on her own inner journey. Her works are mainly in oil and her exhibition at the Irma Stern Museum in 2016 was well received. In The old woman and the moon, Van der Walt examines the deeper meaning in the imagery and discovers the voice of the unknown inner other, the psyche, as a living reality. She currently practices as a counselling medical practitioner in Darling.