Ragnarok: Worlds collide


Author: Michael Smorenburg

Published:  June 2017

ISBN:  9780620722636

Format: Portrait; 200mm x 120mm; Paperback

Pages: 290

Category: Fiction


Former investigative journalist, Tegan Mulholland, now a Hollywood Exec, is flying Paris to Los Angeles.
Seated beside her is Pete, a charming stranger with an engaging Australian turn of phrase and a persistent intention to distract Tegan from her work… Off the coast of Newfoundland a mid-air terror will change her life and make Pete invaluable to her.

As Tegan’s plane approaches Canada’s east coast a secret NASA test backfires and a volume of space-time is warped. Tegan’s plane is right at the boundary of that event horizon, but two passenger jets ahead of Tegan’s wink off the radar.
As the world deals with the seismic events and recriminations that follow, Tegan wrestles with the shock and recurring nightmares of those so close to her vicinity when they were plucked away to an unknown fate.


And then the attacks begin; savage massacres of isolated fishing hamlets around Newfoundland’s coast seem from CCTV and eyewitness evidence to be perpetrated by biker gangs, but Tegan’s instinct for connecting dots convinces her that something far more sinister is afoot.

The key to figuring out what’s going on lies in the hands of Pete, that charming arms-dealer Tegan sat next to on the fateful flight… the man she has secretly fallen in love with.


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