Rise Woman II Her Journey



ISBN 978 0620801171


FORMAT Portrait; 145mm x 216mm; Paperback


CATEGORY Psychology

Rise Woman II : Her journey tells a story of women, that woman can be you, you might find yourself as one of the women in the pages of this book. If that is the case. Know this. Whatever your current situation may be it is not permanent. This too shall pass. Life is a journey that we all embark on, we all have a story to tell and your story might be beneficial to someone else. Rise woman tells a story of how women find themselves in situations that ends up breaking them so badly, they start doubting themselves and lose their self-worth and self-esteem.

This is their story, a story of how a woman can be broken, belittled and abused in all manner but still she finds the strength to rise above it all.

Most important it shows how as a woman you too can stand your ground. Pick up the pieces and turn your pain to purpose. This book outlines a healing journey and lessons learned in the various stages of life woman go through.

As the author, I pray this book will help you heal as it did me and that it inspires you to rise and be the woman God has destined you to be. You too can Rise Woman.