AUTHOR Heinrich Böhmke

ISBN 978-9991681610


FORMAT Portrait; 148mm x 210mm; Paperback



Four lives in crisis. On the same day. In the same hotel.

Sarie’s memories, the doctor tells her, happened over 200 years ago. Confused and alone, all she wants is to return to her family and prove the doctor wrong.

Jacqui arrives in East London with a mission, to blackmail an old client. But first she must get past his bodyguards.

Destiny knocks on Michael’s door, and he knows without a doubt that he has been chosen to fight an ancient battle to regain his people’s land.

Harry, a corruption expert speaking at yet another conference is unable to overcome his past. He steps out of his comfort zone on the last day of his life.

When they meet, the place that birthed them all, burns.

“A murderous cocktail of sex, greed, and post-modern South African racial psychosis. The writing is great, the dialogue funny and the political analysis sharper than a bicycle spoke between the ribs. I am seriously envious.” Rian Malan, author of My Traitor’s Heart

“An author who has the courage to write about the First Indigenous Peoples. The breaking of the silence is significant…” Chief Jean Burgess, Ghonaqua First Indigenous Peoples

Heinrich Böhmke is a writer, investigator and trainer who lives in Durban, South Africa. He grew up in the platteland and went to Wits University where he happened to get detained during the dying days of apartheid. After receiving amnesty for his bravado, he lectured at Vista University in Soweto, organised trade unions, and worked in a law firm and publishing company. He now trains investigative reporters throughout Africa and prosecutes misconduct cases in the public service. He has a small Nguni herd. He has published short stories. This is his first novel.

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