Slow Down Look Again…


AUTHOR Louis Botha

ISBN 978-0620661300


FORMAT Square; 255mm x 255mm; Hardback



At the northern entrance to Prince Albert in the Great Karoo lies Northend, a neighbourhood home to a special group of people. They have a very special way of communicating with others through their stories, which indicate an inherent joy of life. However, judging by their environment and circumstances, it is clear that they have experienced many hardship, and for an outsider it is an enriching experience to meet them. Every picture in Slow Down look again … tells a story and is supported by explanatory text. These enable the reader to gain insight into the past and the present of this unique neighbourhood and its residents.

The joy and sorrows of the residents of Northend – as well as their scant earthly possessions – are illustrated through Louis Botha’s excellent choice of photographic backgrounds. And yet the absolute neatness of their homes illustrates a certain pride – poverty without dilapidation. The intimacy of the photographs ultimately leaves the reader enriched. We become witnesses not only to the extraordinary character of a close-knit community, but also of its trusting relationship with the person whom they have allowed to tell their story.

Louis Botha was born in Bloemfontein in 1955 and grew up on a small-holding north-east of Pretoria. After school he studied finance and followed a career in the Financial Services Industry. At the age of 40, and encouraged by his wife he pursued his hobby more seriously. He’s held several exhibitions and lives in Prince Albert.