Study without Stress


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While studying to qualify as a Counseling Psychologist in the early 1990’s, I discovered Deon van Wyk’s “Study without Stress”. This book sparked a real interest in me to work with adolescents who experience academic and career decision difficulties. Not many years later I was fortunate to cross Professor van Wyk’s path and witness true evidence for his passion for academic and learner development. With his latest publication, Parental Guide to stress free study, his lifelong interest in and dedication to this field is confirmed. In this book Deon does not only focus on straightforward study methods, as is the case with many similar publications on this topic. He rather takes a holistic approach to learner development and includes discussions on a wide variety of factors that impact scholastic performance. These include guidelines to harnessing a positive attitude towards learning; emotional intelligence; communication skills; and finally an instruction to above all, enjoy our children. This publication is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, learners and other professionals who is passionate about helping learners optimize their performance and reach their potential.
– Dr Karina de Bruin (Managing Director JvR Academy)

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