The Art of Rugby Coaching


AUTHOR Dr Stefan Fourie

ISBN 9780620660433


FORMAT Portrait; 240mm x 165mm; Paperback



Rugby at a school- and university level has become professional, which is typical of a win-at-all-cost mentality.

This book exposes this wrong perspective and sets out to facilitate a better understanding of the coaching process within a rugby context.

The art of rugby coaching is the understanding and implementation of learning while coaching.

The book not only promotes the development of players and coaches, but also celebrates coaching in that it is through the learning process that we grow and develop.

This book is also for parents wanting to understand the coaching process better.

In this book, Dr Stefan Fourie applies his theoretical knowledge, based on research and practice, of learning organisations and coaching to the coaching of a rugby team. He combines and integrates his knowledge and experience with that of experienced and successful coaches and sport scientists. He supports the view that coaching is not (only) about winning, but about learning and development thereby influencing people’s lives.

Professor Chris Kapp

Stefan Fourie is an Organisational and Learning Development practitioner and consultant who draws from two decades of experience in human development activities (such as coaching), knowing firsthand the potential that the learning process holds. He has a PhD in Learning and Development.

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