the killing of the imam

The Killing of the Imam


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The Killing of the Imam is based on the death in detention of Imam Abdullah Haron, an anti-apartheid activist, in 1968. It was first published in 1978 and immediately banned by the apartheid government.

“The Imam was a courageous religious leader in the face of a brutally suppresive system; he not only lived an exemplary life as ‘a man of the cloth’ but he also committed himself to the political fight against apartheid by assisting the Pac during a time when many of his fellow religious leaders in the Muslim Judicial council and co-religionists were conspicuously silent. The Imam’s participation in the struggle through the 1960’s, was a brave one and as a
consequence of his passionate stand against discrimination, bigotry and racism he was incarcerated without trail.
Since the Imam did not divulge any of his contacts with the liberation movements throughout the period of interrogation, he was eventually killed by the notorious Security Branch.” (From the introduction to the new edition)

“Unfortunately, among the many stalwarts and celebrated heroes the tales of some courageous citizens are buried as untold stories and remain a painful memory. Some sacrificied their lives, risked their livelihoods and left their families in the push towards a brighter, freer South africa”

-Mail and Guardian

This book uncovers the “forgotten” story of a courageous man.

PUBLISHER Imam Abdullah Haron Education Trust

Author Barney Desai And Cardiff Marney
Isbn 9780620548663
Publishing Date 2012
Description Paperback Non-Fiction
Pages 168
Size Portrait 145mm X 210mm


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