The Reluctant Cuckoo



ISBN 978 1776053650


FORMAT Portrait; 147mm x 210mm; Paperback



For Hannah, born from Nandi, and adopted by Patrick and Fiona, it is not so easy to work out who she really is.

Is she the privileged daughter of an upper middle class British couple or is she an unwanted South African child who needed an adoptive family?

How can she reconcile these two personas, especially when she looks so different from her adoptive parents?

In her questioning mind, she appears to be not white enough for Britain, but not black enough for Africa. As she grows older, her identity issues become greater until they threaten to engulf her.

Her parents, wanting to be faithful to a promise they made to her birth mother, but also desperately frightened of losing their child to her birth heritage, are not forthcoming when it comes to answering her questions. This makes her feel she can’t trust them and alienates her further. It is only when she re-established a connection with the country of her birth that Hannah starts to work through the issues that trouble her in her search to find the peace that appears to be so elusive.

Cathy Donald qualified as a medical doctor in 1984. She has practised Medicine in both rural communities and urban private practices, and presently has a practice in Somerset West. Through the years she has written scripts, as well as music and lyrics for amateur dramatic productions, mostly for schools and youth groups. The Relucant Cuckoo is her first novel.