Travels with my father-An autobiographical novel


Author: Karen Jennings

ISBN: 9781907320699

Publisher: Holland Park Press London

Published: 2016

Format: Portrait; 210mm x 140mm; Paperback

Pages: 180


Travels with my father is a beautifully written autobiographical novel. Written from the point of view of a young woman, daughter and writer, it is a frank, yet delicate and moving, account of her relationship with her father and his influence on her own life.

In the footsteps of her father, the author travels the world. Yet, key scenes are set in Plumstead, a suburb of Cape Town, where her father lived most of his life.

The relationships and divisions between members of the family that does not wear its heart on its sleeve, and some of whom are real eccentric, are sensitively recorded. It all adds to an intricate picture of a changing South African society.