Waiting for the waves


Author: Michelle Nkamankeng

Illustrated by: Megan Venter

Pages:  52

Publication Date: 2016

ISBN Number:  978-0-620-72400-5

Format: Soft Cover, 190 x 150 mm

Genre: Children’s fiction


In this book Africa’s youngest author Michelle Nkamankeng, teams up with one of the best illustrators, Megan Venter, to produce an epic tale of a child’s adventure at the beach.

In her book, 7-year-old Michelle tells a fascinating tale that underscores the law of polarity of both love and fear – her love for the big waves coupled with her fear of this giant force of nature. The inner struggle of love and fear drove Michelle to seek the support of her uncle & family. Ultimately the love of her uncle & family helped her conquer her fear of the big waves.