Zombie ZA


Author: Lee Herrmann

ISBN: 9780620715447

Publisher: Tall Tales

Published: 2016

Format: Portrait, 200mm x 130mm, paperback

Pages: 125


You’re alive. Then you’re dead. Then alive again…? 
Being a zombie in modern day South Africa comes with its own set of problems. How do you act at a braai? How do you tell your family?

Zombie ZA is your guide to coping with being undead in SA, while biding your time until that pesky Apocalypse catches up with you. Stuffed with tips for the recently reanimated and tricks for the undead, we help you to hide in plain sight without anyone noticing that you’re dying to take a bite out of them.


Let the Apocalypse begin!


All in an easy-to-understand volume for the living impaired!