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The Initiation is initiated!

Browsing through today’sMogorosi Review 29.09.2017 Mail and Guardian you may have come across this gem.

It’s a brilliant review of Mogorosi Motshumi’s graphic autobiography which has been written in three parts. The first book is The Initiation and is the first graphic autobiography by a black South African.

Set against the turbulent backdrop of a nation in transition, the first book of Motshumi’s autobiographic trilogy begins with his childhood in Batho township, Bloemfontein, in the early 1960s, and runs through to the late 1970s when he arrives in Johannesburg as a budding political cartoonist on the run from the security police.

It’s a unique and compelling document of township life at the height of Apartheid, providing a first-hand glimpse into the rising political consciousness amongst black youth that culminated in the Soweto Uprising on 16 June 1976.